Tatiana Nikolayeva’s Goldberg Variations

Having listened to Glenn Gould’s version one too many times, I find that any other recording sounds odd. But Nikolayeva’s version that I came across is an excellent piano version. Not sure which recording this is (perhaps it is a live version) – in any case, it’s rather good:

Here is Gould for contrast:

5 thoughts on “Tatiana Nikolayeva’s Goldberg Variations

  1. I started listening to Gould’s version, but having been repeatedly told by a friend I must get Nikolayeva’s version, which he prefers, I also got hers. I wouldn’t say I prefer one over the other. Both are great.

    • Indeed. Gould’s a very peculiar one and I think that in order to really appreciate it, one must really get into a more “classical” version, if you will? Have you heard a more traditional harpsichord version by Andreas Staier? It’s also quite excellent.

      • I’ve not heard Staier’s version though I have heard others. Thanks. I’ll check it out.

        The harpsichord is not an instrument that immediately appeals to me, and it did take some listening to. I had the same difficulties to a lesser extent with the organ.

      • I feel the same way about harpsichord, but it is slightly less irritating after Staier’s version – there is also a DVD with the disk where he talks about the music and the instrument – it’s pretty cool…

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