On Never Quite Finishing Any of Zizek’s Books

I “discovered” Zizek when I read his small book on Lacan (Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Lacan: But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock). It was the summer of 2001, I believe, and I read the whole thing in maybe a week. Then came other Zizek’s “philosophical” books and I sort of read them here and there. Then came the thick ones: I read about a third of The Parallax View (selectively, flipping through chapters). I started In Defense of Lost Causes and read it for a few weeks, never finished it. I read the “blue” one (Living in the End Times) while stuck in a waiting room at a hospital (and then a room at a hospital) but also did not finish it because the hospital stint was over and I put it down as soon as I got home.

I read about 200 pages of Less Than One. I am not likely to ever finish that one either.

Has anyone ever finished a book by Zizek? I mean really read it from cover to cover?

5 thoughts on “On Never Quite Finishing Any of Zizek’s Books

  1. I read “Tarrying with the Negative” and the “Sublime Object of Desire” pretty much cover to cover. And also the little ones like “Fragile Absolute” and one of the other religion ones. But the more recent big ones, I won’t go anywhere near, including the “Monstrosity of Christ,” which is a double whammy. Life’s too short. I was relying on you to guide me through “Less Than.”

  2. in the face of all the odds…i honestly believe i’m gonna get through LTZ. i took a detour to read some of the books he was discussing and that put me a month off the pace, but it was actually fun and useful. it’s more of a project than a regular book-reading, so the heterodoxy kinda makes it more ok to stop without bailing entirely. i’ll see how it goes.

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