This Godless Communism (In Color)

This Godless Communism (read it and weep – PDF). Strangely enough a lot of the information is actually accurate, but it is presented in such a way that the reader cannot really stop and think about some of the issues since they are so starkly different from what one expects a “normal” life to be.

Here are some very interesting highlights:





2 thoughts on “This Godless Communism (In Color)

  1. Come on: the majority of this comic isn’t accurate, historically or theoretically. It claims, for instance that Marx had Hegel as a professor even though Hegel was dead by five years when Marx first heard of Hegelianism. It makes up stories about Marx’s supposed Catholic friends, on how Marx’s wife was against his beliefs, and even the very meaning of Hegelianism as a philosophy. It also misrepresents Lenin’s theory of the vanguard, pretends that the Russian revolution was unpopular and manipulated by a conspiracy. The story it tells of World War 2 is a joke for any serious academic who has studied World War 2 and who knows that the US involvement was minimal, that Russia only had a pact with Germany because originally Europe wouldn’t unite with it against Germany… Hell, it even pretends that Russia was kept alive by US aid. This comic is hilarious.

    None of this is to say that the Russian regime under Stalin shouldn’t be criticized, but the Judeo-Christian 1950s ahistorical understanding of history in this comic is utterly laughable. The US really does need to deal with the fact that people found communism palatable organically, not because they were manipulated by Russia (as the comic suggests), rather than what the US was offering them at the time.

    • You’re right, I take my “a lot” and exchange it for “some” – it is a weird presentation though. Somehow among all the nonsense and lies there is a sense that Americans would automatically reject anything related to Communism.

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