Aurora Shooting

Just learned about it. I live in Denver. Odd to see it on the national and international news. Details are slowly emerging. This is so bizarre, but I am sure there are smart insightful academics out there who are typing up their critiques of gun culture, comic books, film industry and popcorn distribution as we speak. Look out for a penetrating Zizekean analysis of the reasons for the shooting and so on. Life imitating movies or something to that effect.

The one shortcoming that is obvious already, the media still has not give this shooting a name. So behind times. Still, what is to come is fairly predictable – long exposés about guns, culture of violence, lone wolves; no discussions of underlying cultural and political issues. Conservatives will yell about “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” – liberals will yell about stricter gun control and so on. Sad.

4 thoughts on “Aurora Shooting

    • Well, that was to be expected – God’s protective hand is really passive-agressive, you know? “Oh yeah, you didn’t say nice things about me? Here is a fucking hurricane plus a terrorist attack!”

      • That same guy, as well as others, insist that if people were allowed to “exercise their second amendment rights” the tragedy would have been prevented, but (I could be wrong) aren’t you allowed to carry a concealed handgun in Colorado with one of those pesky permits? It’s such a dimwitted response, really.

      • Yes, if everyone had a gun in that dark room full of people and blocked by furniture and with smoke everywhere, it is clear that the body count would have been much much smaller…

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