Conversations with Illiterates

That’s a cool title for Part Three of Feyerabend’s Science in a Free Society. The content corresponds with the title.


2 thoughts on “Conversations with Illiterates

  1. I actually think that despite the negativity, these replies to critics contain some of Feyerabend’s best ideas. And what’s so bad with negativity, anyhow. Instead of being shocked by Feyerabend’s tone I am quite non-plussed when I see people begin a critique with an apology (e.g. “this is going to seem confrontational”), as if that were a bad thing. Feyerabend and Lakatos each promised to make mincemeat of each other, and some of his replies, e.g. to Gellner, are devastating in their humour as well as their conceptual arguments. I talk a little about this here:

    • I couldn’t agree more. Generally apologetic attitude when it comes to critique is annoying. Surely, if the accusations against Feyerabend are made in bad faith and/or are based on poor reading skills, go after the reviewers/critics, I say…

      That section is definitely fun to read!

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