How Many “Metas” Would You Like With That?

The Metametaphysics volume I started reading has this nice description of the project:

Metametaphysics is concerned with the foundations of metaphysics. It asks: Do the questions of metaphysics really have answers? If so, are these answers substantive or just a matter of how we use words? And what is the best procedure for arriving at them—common sense? Conceptual analysis? Or assessing competing hypotheses with quasi-scientific criteria? [1]

So naturally I ask – will investigating the legitimacy of investigating the legitimacy of metaphysics then produce another “meta” discourse? Meta-metametaphysics?

The entire introduction, however, leaves the following impression about the present objectological attempts to make some sort of “speculative turn” and talk about objects that, apparently, no one noticed until today – only in the continental circles would such discussions be taken seriously as “novel”! There is an inherent disingenuity in presenting your “discoveries” as new when an entire field already exists that deals with the very same issues.


4 thoughts on “How Many “Metas” Would You Like With That?

    • Newer mistakes would be great, but from what I can see, all these mistakes were already made many times. I mean I am all about “novelty” and shit, but when I read stuff about how “no one talks about objects today” and then I see an entire library of books on the subject, I get upset.

      It seems that is all analytics are talking about these days – I wonder what they make of the objectological claims to novelty?

      • I think the ignorance in that case goes both ways, but it can’t compare with your quote from the post, that’s just “Hey, I’m new, and I started thinking about this thing I read about in a dictionary. Oh, and I never read anything. Ever.”

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