Gramsci’s Leninism

The legacy of Antonio Gramsci is one of the most fiercely contested in the Marxist tradition. Gramsci’s lineage is claimed by myriad schools of thought for innumerable theoretical purposes, both within and out with Marxism. There is scarcely a social science that hasn’t incorporated Gramsci’s key concepts into its literature: often presenting the Italian as an ‘acceptable’ Marxist and almost never confronting the possibility that he was a thinker and activist of the same political ilk as Lenin. In the history of Western Marxism, perhaps the major debate of the last fifty years has been around the question of whether Gramsci’s politics were a continuation of, or a break from, the Leninist tradition.

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3 thoughts on “Gramsci’s Leninism

  1. Yeah. A big chunk of my dissertation is about this. He’s right about most of it, also misses the point in some ways I used to think were important, but regardless it’s a pretty stale exercise in dogma-chopping; I wonder why he saw the need to relitigate it now?

  2. No doubt! And Lenin was himself a world-historical master of it. Maybe that example is the inspiration to each new generation of steely-eyed young revolutionites.

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