“Your inner life is a joke” (Žižek)

Somewhat affected but decent description of a night with Žižek:

7.45pm. About an hour in to Dr Grant’s lecture, a bald geezer stands up. “Can someone tell me what he just said?” he shouts. The room is silent, so he expands: “Do any of you have any idea what he’s talking about? Honestly?”

An affronted man near the stage sits up. “Yes,” he replies loudly.

“Go on then,” says the geezer. “Explain it to me.”

“What, you want me to explain the whole thing? Won’t that be a bit time consuming?” says Affronted Man.

“Summarise,” challenges geezer.

nullibiquité was kind enough to provide links to audios of the talks in question:

Iain Hamilton Grant’s introduction to Hegel:
Zizek’s talk:



4 thoughts on ““Your inner life is a joke” (Žižek)

  1. I’m general, I’m disinclined to like Zizek very much. I don’t care for the overall, apocalyptic structure of his thought, but often find he has interesting things to say about this point or that –sort of like Hegel. What I like about the article linked here is the way it works to humanize its subject. Thanks for sharing.

    • I only saw Zizek live once, he was very lively even though his paper was very academic-sounding. A lot of his stuff is a kind of clownery that he just can’t help, that part I find less than amusing. But surely he has some interesting ideas, and just the general vibe (even if it gets old after a while). Better him than some stuffy self-important inventors of new ontology, I say…

  2. lol at the bald/bold geezer and affronted man. Though at the end the fomer reveals himself to be a Marxist and so puts his exasperation in context i.e. Hegle = Abstract / Marx = concrete.

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