Gérard Lebrun’s La patience du Concept Reading Group?

Since Žižek is all over Lebrun in his new book, it’s likely to raise some interest in the fellow. I have been meaning to give La Patience du Concept a good reading for a while now (I have a PDF). If anyone is interested in organizing a reading group to start maybe in the next few weeks (see examples of the ones we did on the main page’s right side), I’d be up for it. It has eight chapters and is about 400 pages long. You’d have to read French, but it should be possible to find eight eager souls who would be interested – well, seven if I do one of the chapters. I will be willing to share my PDF with any interested party.

For starters, see this short piece.

If you’re interested, leave a comment.


18 thoughts on “Gérard Lebrun’s La patience du Concept Reading Group?

  1. Hi. I would have dared to participate had I been more fluent in French. The book would probably require me to learn the language as I read it, staggering the pace of the reading group..

    But I must say I am very interested in the book, and would definitely follow the reading if it will take place. Could you send me the book file so that I could at least catch up with your reading at some point?

    Recently I had a look through one of Zizek’s favorite reference, by Beatrice Longuenesse, and it was great to see how it underpinned most of the analysis he carried out in . Reading through Lebrun would be another of such revelation, engaging in “whereabouts” that Zizek locates Hegel’s problematic.. It’s just a shame that none of his book is translated in English.

  2. Just a note to say thanks, your idea has inspired me to take a crack at this book – I picked up a copy off of amazon.fr. My French is totally rusty, so this is a basically a gigantic remedial reading exercise. Cheers!

  3. Someone has said this before: I’ve very inadequate knowledge of French, but I’d like to try and read it with the sole intention of following the discussion on your blog. Could you please send me a pdf? Thank you.

    • Hi Mikhail, very good! Lebrun has a other lecture of the hegelianism in France, and i’m very interested in that. Could you send me the pdf?!

  4. Greetings, I come to you via google (Lebrun), via Catherine Malabou’s book, Future of Hegel Plasticity, Temporality and Dialectic. Has the group enacted itself? I would appreciate seeing how it works. Thanks, your voices are gentler than those on the Facebook Zizek’s Less Than Nothing. I’d appreciate, too, hearing from those of you, if there are any, who are long time Dogen zazen practitioners. Best wishes, Jane

  5. I work Lebrun during a long period. Especially his book “La fin de la metaphisik”. I can read english, french, german and spanish. Could be great work in this book with more people.

    Could be great to have the pdf. If that is possible.

    • There is other book from lebrun about hegel. i hope you can send me this. I have “la fin de la metaphisik”, the pdf, but only in spanish. (If someone want it i can send it). But can someone send me la patience du concept?

  6. My current doctoral research on Gustave Guillaume has brought me to Hegel who seems to have greatly influenced the French linguist. I’m sure reading the book of Lebrun could help me to dig into this influence and understand what Guillaume made out of it. Could you send this book to me? I’ll try to share with you later on my linguistic point of view onto Lebrun…

  7. My current doctoral work on Blanchot has brought me to your page! Did the reading group ever form? Would you mind emailing me the Lebrun pdf? Thank you so much!

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