Faking It To The Next Level

The fact that my post on faking your way through Hegel got so many hits (blog record, since the beginning of the blog in 2007, old “controversial” posts on OOO never came close) is making me sad and proud at the same time. You, kids, are truly faking it to the next level…


10 thoughts on “Faking It To The Next Level

    • It’s not really worth your time – what PE experienced on a small scale is now being played out on a large scale with real scholars and so on. You get even better drama because now the critics cannot be simply dismissed as “trolls”. Plus, objectologists are great at cleaning up their own messes and most of the controversial posts are already deleted on the respective blogs.

  1. This whole fakery exchange is just short of sublime. Except that I needed it about thirty years ago at that Notre Dame of fakery, UC Berkeley. We metaphysical wannabes eagerly await your addendum, Faking Your Way through Heidegger. Or is there something redundant there?

  2. I am so beside myself with joy that this otherwise excellent blog has returned that I may need to perform an autosublation. But I must now ask the obvious question: How do I fake being an objectologist?

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