Things That Are Better Auf Deutsch: Part I

Wife and I were greatly entertained by German promos of “Die Iron Man ZWEI” while driving around a German-speaking country, so this is a new rubric dedicated to that nagging feeling you have that… things are better in German!

5 thoughts on “Things That Are Better Auf Deutsch: Part I

  1. It’s funny, most Germans think things sounds better in Spanish. The teenagers on the other hand would probably say American-English, based on the wall-to-wall imported TV they lap-up from channels like RTL, Sat.1, Pro7. Programmes there are book-ended by endoresments in English from the likes of Katy Perry and Swiss tax-exile Phil Collins. Their expressions, along with those heard on a largely American pop music radio scene, creep into the argot of the junge Leute. The imports are dubbed – badly, by the way. Homer Simpson is just not….Homer Simpson.

  2. Funny, I have the exact opposite feeling. I am not talking “type-writers eating tinfoil falling down the stairs”, but German almost always sounds … lame. Switching on a German TV station with a dubbed show is like entering the world of suck. Definitely lamer than English — neither of which is my native tongue [he hastened to add, superfluously].

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