Mary Beard’s Pompeii Doc Is Awesome!

On BBC player right now – if you have an access, watch it – fascinating!  [First recorded case of syphilis anyone?]


2 thoughts on “Mary Beard’s Pompeii Doc Is Awesome!

  1. Hey Mikhail, I thought you lived in the US…

    Do you have some way to use the iPlayer from outside the UK? If you do, please do tell me. I live in London, yes, but when I visit my family abroad it would be nice to have the full version of BBC news to watch…

    • You can get a UK IP address and you can access BBC from any place. There are some free ones, but they are usually shitty connections, and you have to change them once in a while, but it works most of the times – email me and I can tell how to do it.

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