This may be of interest (breaking a promise I made to myself to stop writing about, posting about or linking to things related to Zizek–also features, among others, Nina Power and A. Negri):

18 thoughts on “Marx-Reloaded

  1. I fear for the kids if they’re lead to believe Trostky deals good, radical stuff. As Adorno might say, Tom and Jerry looks progressive in comparison.

      • Well the trouble is that it’s not a system as such, it’s a bunch of numbers that have run away with the human race, and whatever solutions there are to this problem are not being adequately addressed by those who advocate a return to policies that never worked the first umpteem hundred times we tried them in the last two centuries, especially those who blur the lines of reasonable debate by simplifying reality, peforming u-turns at every juncture, obscuring truth with irony and polemicizing at every opporunity in order to see their names in lights.
        Very influential leftist academics, in leading people up the garden path, will ruin the cause of those who want a fairer society (some of which don’t even make the left/right distinction, or might want to envisage some workable option that is neither), if they keep peddling inadeqaute and ineffectual ideas. And as we cannot expect the’right’ to save us here, if the left fails, it will be the left that has failed us. Got it? Though admittedly Zizek is a minor player who shouldn’t be accorded too much importance, no?

    • Yes, we can still do plenty but if the powers that be, via the media, latch onto the failure of some of the poorer methods of opposition to capitalism and use them to signal that ‘there is no alternative’ then that could be troublesome. And it’d be better avoided in the first place. But balls, I was being polemic myself anyhow. Can’t defend that line forever.

      Yes, we can, we will, do plenty.

      This is where I’d call now you ‘comrade’, but I can’t do that for (non)-ideological reasons.

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  3. “And as we cannot expect the’right’ to save us here, if the left fails, it will be the left that has failed us. Got it?”


    “Though admittedly Zizek is a minor player who shouldn’t be accorded too much importance, no?”

    Yes, or rather the answer is that yes or no, he shouldn’t.

    Esp. since you had also said: “Like Zizek I fear we’re in the shit but because of people like Zizek, as much as because of the capitalist system.”

    All this stupid talk about Zizek as if he were a world leader and almost a ‘capitalism accelerationist’, as on the infernal Arpegian bleug, is much like what Charles Blow said in his NYTimes op-ed today (or yesterday) about how it’s only the left that is so fascinated with Sarah Palin, and follows her every move. They’re giving her power, just as Obama is now handing the Republicans everything on a plate–he got a good drubbing from Krugman in particular, but Rich also hit hard on how Obama has really just disappeared as a leader.

    There’s something I have begun to accept about Zizek’s reckless Performance Art: It seems intelligent in its way, a little like Baudrillard’s but at a more complex time.

    But people who are worried about Zizek getting us into ‘deep shit’ make me wonder if they had time to quit obsessing and catch up on the WikiLeaks (admittedly, with things as fascinating as the live-bleuging about the networking for the endless propagation of new OOO conferences, which shows they’re panicked too, you know–I had a hard time catching up on the longer-distance missiles North Korea sold Iran too. So I understand you concern.

    Also. Google Translate wouldn’t translate ‘Arpege’ into North Korean in any way except ‘Arpege’. They are celebrating a 10-year anniversary of the great Dance Treatise that Dear Leader bequeathed his wonderful national experiment! It comes with all the requisite retardation of people who talk about art, and say that ‘it’s all politics, all of it, and don’t argue with me’. Although…it seems, somebody said it was all economics.

    I can’t wait to see the North Korean Mongoloid Ballet!

    • “And as we cannot expect the’right’ to save us here, if the left fails, it will be the left that has failed us. Got it?”

      To spell it out… the Right are by nature unethical, we can’t expect the Right to act as they probably ‘should’. So it is simplistically seen as down to the Left to behave responsibly, ethically, and help get us out of this mess, but they seem to be rather backward looking, and so may repeat past mistakes. And in so doing might waste valuable time which might be better directed into a politics that is not Right or Left and is not, ‘Third Way’ style, rather unimaginatively stuck somewhere between the two. We need something new, and in monopolozing the alternative space the traditonal Left, which has re-emerged very recently, may fail us in this respect.

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  5. That annoyed me too. As if Marx would seriously have considered (or had a chance of) remaining a journalist in Köln. Rather insulting. The cartoon was probably made by Trots. But I’ll give the film the benefit of the doubt and see it when it’s released.

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