Rare Shakespeare (Or Is It?)

Ionarts (DC culture blog) has a nice review of Folger Theater’s version of Henry VIII that wife and I will be going to while in the capital of the Fatherland – looks very interesting, plus the theater itself, judging by the photos, is really authentic-looking.

Speaking of Shakespeare’s time, a tune from John Dowland for those in need of musical exploration: 

1 thought on “Rare Shakespeare (Or Is It?)

  1. Utterly sublime clip, the loveliest ‘Flow Now My Tears’ I’ve yet heard. I did a report-demonstration, etc., of the piece in Music History class at Juilliard, and that had been a lovely way to discover this piece, which I think is probably Dowland’s most famous piece. The art-montage is very good.

    Yes, I like the look of that theater too. I hope you will enjoy Henry VIII–I think it’s not one of the best-known plays (unless you know all Shakespeare), but it may be better-known that I’ve thought, just because people love The Great Beheader.

    Ah, that lute sound–and so ornamented.

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