New Blog (At Least To Me)

Reid Kotlas started a new blog a while back but I just noticed that (after no updates in my RSS for a while from his old blog). It’s called Luxemburgist (a bit of a mouthful – do you pronounce it as a German name with “-ist”? Looxem-burgh-ist?) and I’ve just read through a handful of posts and comments there. It’s pretty interesting, and immortal N.Pepperell makes a surprise appearance in the comments.

I have both Luxemburg’s The Accumulation of Capital and the later Ant-Critique, but I’ve never had enough time to actually read them more or less carefully. I would, however, if someone decided to organize some sort of discussion.


One thought on “New Blog (At Least To Me)

  1. Lʊksem-bʊʀg-ist ( IPA vocals and consonants inserted ).

    BTW is it possible to be left and right at the same time? In a sense I feel the desire to be more than one half of myself.

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