2 thoughts on “Joan Sutheland Dead

  1. She’s got a fair number of pitch problems in the ‘Alcina’, but THIS is stunning. I had never heard her ‘Sempre Libera’ before, and it may not be my very favourite were I to hear all of ‘Traviata’, but by itself, it’s as close to technically perfect as you can get. And they don’t write better arias than this, no matter how famous it is:

  2. Here’s another phenomenal feat. Listen about 2:55 to the stamina. You may know she did the secondary role in ‘Norma’ with Maria Callas, and later tried to do the title role, but said she’d ‘rip her voice to tatters’ if she tried to do it like Callas. But Callas didn’t care. After her great voice period, while she was still heavy, she cared much more about looking like Audrey Hepburn (and filled her dressing room with photos of her), and her high notes sounded worse than shit, in that they nearly broke your eardrums. But Sutherland was a happy person, not the tragedy that Callas was, and did she ever have the technique, comparable to Callas at her best (although never as dramatic) and Flagstad, who’s never been surpassed as a Wagnerian soprano (Nilsson’s voice is harsh.)

    Wow. Your bleug has demonstrated ‘contemporary culture’. I thought it was bad enough when my interest in your music clips rang up 3 comments by you and me, as opposed to 60 for the Harman-Bryants. Who’d have thought (although we should have) that TWITTER (even without responses to one’s own comments) would pack ’em in way beyond Harman’s Daily Kos. Man, I can’t even imagine doing Twitter, the bleugs are freeze-dried enough (most of them.)

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