Met’s Broadcast of Das Rheingold Tomorrow

Since it’s the first transmission of this season, I’m pretty stoked. This is probably not my favorite opera by any stretch of imagination, but it’s bound to be epic with the new set and new production:

7 thoughts on “Met’s Broadcast of Das Rheingold Tomorrow

  1. It’s on at our local Kino but I can’t summon up the enthusiasm to go, I’m afraid. Would be interested to hear what it was like, though. By the way, I noticed Manfred Frank has recently written a book on Wagner.

  2. Gorgeous set. I love the piece, though, the whole Ring Cycle. I don’t see it as ridiculous, at least not any more than Greek tragedy seems ridiculous, or even Homer seems ridiculous, since it’s myth.

    • Certainly it’s not ridiculous in the context of myths and all, but Wagner’s adaptation is somewhat stupid, I think. But that’s just me, you know? I feel that since this is not in fact Homer and Greek tragedy but 19th century, he could have used some character-development and better plot lines.

      Das Rheingold is basically a petty contractor/real-estate dispute: giants build Wotan a fortress (he couldn’t do it himself?) and want their payment, he doesn’t pay, they take his sister-in-law, he’s pissed, steals gold from a gnome etc etc – just doesn’t make much sense as a story to me. Music is great, I only like it for the music…

  3. I don’t know, that mortgage mess is rather interestingly bloated, with the pompous Valhalla leitmotif, it already sounds unpaid-for. But there’s that weird skewing that happens as a result of all the capitalists living in the castle, and knowing they don’t merit it, and yet insisting upon it anyway. And Alberich wants something peevishly extravagant as well. Then Fafner and Fasolt want the ‘too-good thing’, Freia. Everybody grubbing for profit, some in high-style, some in low. And Freia is understandably difficult to give up when some time has passed, what with her superb skin care (debts should probably be collected much more rapidly before loopholes are found.) I think the gods going ahead and enjoying their riches is a fairly sound way to approach life, although some versions have always eluded me, when under pressure and duress like that: I know quite a number of people, and all tough and thick-skinned American politicians running for office right now are like this–they sleep well even when multiple lawsuits are filed against them. So the Valhalla leitmotif is slightly tongue-in-cheek, with its slow, royal majesty (the place is practically screaming for a subprime solution, even if the rate goes up after 3 months.)


    In case you didn’t already see it–I skimmed this, it’s good. I might even decide to go see it. The Valhalla bridge not opening made me think of all the difficulties with ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ when they opened the Lincoln Center Met. That was before I moved here, but I read all about it–TONS of theatrical fights of the most frightfully vulgar kind!

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