Mario Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa has been awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize For Literature.  I think it’s a good choice, but I especially liked this bit from the BBC:

The author once had a great friendship with Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, about whom he wrote his doctoral thesis in 1971. But their relationship turned into one of literature’s greatest feuds after Vargas Llosa punched Garcia Marquez at a theatre in Mexico City in 1976, leaving him with a black eye. The pair have never disclosed the reason for their dispute, although witnesses have suggested they fell out over a conversation between Garcia Marquez and Vargas Llosa’s wife. In the intervening years, the authors fell out politically, too, with the Peruvian publicly criticising Garcia Marquez’s friendship with Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Relations appeared to thaw in 2007, however, when Vargas Llosa provided the foreword to the 40th anniversary edition of Garcia Marquez’s classic work, A Hundred Years of Solitude. After the Nobel announcement on Thursday, Garcia Marquez – himself a Nobel laureate – tweeted: “Cuentas iguales” (“Now we’re even”).

By the way, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s tweets are here:

1 thought on “Mario Vargas Llosa

  1. ‘The Feast of the Goat’ is a great book. I heard him read at 92nd YMHA in 2002, just after 9/11. He was one of the best of many readers I’ve heard around town, and was, in addition, very elegant and a strong presence. I, too, think it’s an excellent choice. Descriptions of Peru in some essays were also brilliant, but this makes me decide to read more; I don’t know why he slipped my mind somehow.

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