Zahavi on Dennett

I figured I couldn’t be the only exasperated reader of Dennett’s confused (at best) comment I cited earlier, so I did a bit of digging.  Here’s the concluding paragraph of Dan Zahavi’s response–in “Killing the Straw Man: Dennett and Phemonenology”– to Dennett’s shockingly ignorant claims about Phenomenology:

Classical phenomenology is not only an investigation of the first-person givenness of conscious experience; in its wide-ranging analyses of intersubjectivity it has also investigated the second-person givenness of consciousness in detail. Thus, contrary to Dennett’s claim, classical phenomenology already
combines the resources of auto- and heterophenomenology. To put it differently, not only do the classical phenomenologists stress the interdependency of auto- and heterophenomenology, contrary to what Dennett himself is doing; in their numerous analyses of how foreign subjectivity manifests itself in gestures, expressions and bodily behavior, they have also provided us with a more sophisticated and nuanced understanding of how to heterophenomenologize than Dennett has done.

This seems right to me.  Read the full paper here (pdf): Killing the Straw Man: Dennett and Phenomenology


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