Science Confirms It: Narcissism Is All You Need

Great news from science: if you have a mediocre idea but pitch it with narcissistic enthusiasm, it works! No more wasting time on figuring things out and trying to put together a solid argument. Now you can spend more time on polishing your self-descriptive metaphors. You idea is dull and unoriginal? It’s your own fault, because you don’t love and admire yourself enough:

Narcissists, new experiments show, are great at convincing others that their ideas are creative even though they’re just average. Still, groups with a handful of narcissists come up with better ideas than those with none, suggesting that self-love contributes to real-world success.

Narcissism and creativity seem to go hand in hand. Creative people often appear self-important, hungry for attention, and unconcerned with others’ ideas and opinions— all traits narcissists share. Think of Pablo Picasso, famous for his iconoclastic paintings but infamous for declaring, “I am God.” Like Picasso, narcissists often rise to positions of importance in art, business, and other endeavors, suggesting that they have ability and ideas that others do not.

The world is yours for taking!


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