Dissertations! Printed and Bound (for revenge)

I came across this amusing post by Elif Batuman about having your dissertation printed and bound:

I ‘ll tell you what’s wrong with academia.  I just got a letter from ProQuest, trying to sell me three copies of my own dissertation for $125.  Their PR people, no dummies, easily anticipated my first question, viz. what on earth would I do with three bound copies of my own dissertation.  Turns out, I could keep one copy for “my own use” (viz., doorstop), and give the other two as gifts to “colleagues” or “my family.” An interesting idea: vingt ans après, I could finally get my revenge on the great-aunts who knitted me all those peculiar sweaters when I was small.

Anyway, this amazing 40% discount off of ”regular academic pricing” was apparently already offered to me at the time of filing, but I didn’t take advantage of it—either out of sheer pigheadedness or, as ProQuest charitably suggests, because I was distracted by “the final rush of paperwork and completion of other degree requirements.”  Lucky for me, ”opportunity knocks again.”

Read the rest here.  I had my dissertations printed and bound out of some misguided feeling of spite, if memory serves.


6 thoughts on “Dissertations! Printed and Bound (for revenge)

  1. I think that ProQuest leaflet should include the following line:

    “Common, you know you really want a copy of it bound like a book! We all know it’s crap and no one will publish it as is, so do yourself a favor and pretend as though you just wrote a fucking book – do it!”

  2. I would totally do this if the leaflet said that. Y’all should go to work for Proquest as ad consultants. You might also add in “You wasted years of your life, at least the consolation of a book-like-object.”

  3. Product placement!

    I would obviously get excited about the prospect of owning a bound copy of my blood sweat and tears as much as the next person, but probably not excited enough to need a whole box of tissues.

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