Aesthetics Anthology?

A quick question:

Does anybody know a good  anthology for a Philosophy of Art course that would be appropriate for freshman and sophomores?

PS-Planning on catching up on some recent comments shortly.


5 thoughts on “Aesthetics Anthology?

  1. I have to say that I have not been pleased in general with aesthetics anthologies. The good ones are too expensive and I’ve been able to cobble together most of the pre-20th century primary texts from on-line sources for free.

    For an example of a good one that is too expensive ($60 paperback) there is
    Alex Neill and Aaron Ridley’s “The Philosophy of Art: Readings Ancient and Modern”

    My favorite anthology is no longer in print but is quite reasonably priced used if you only need a few copies: Fisher’s “Reflecting on Art”

    In fact is your class is going to be 15 students or fewer Fisher’s anthology is what I would highly recommend, just tell them to get it used. Fisher arranges the book thematically, not chronologically, and has good introductions to each section and reading. Or just make photocopies.

    It is not an anthology, but as an introduction to aesthetics I highly recommend Gordon Graham’s book “Philosophy of the Arts”

    DylanTrigg recommends Cazeaux’s “Continental Aesthetics Reader” which I would also recommend but it probably isn’t right for an intro course since the selections are going to be too difficult and the historical focus too narrow.

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