4 thoughts on “SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY by Gary Shteyngart (book trailer)

  1. Didn’t know exactly where to post this, but this was one of the greatest jazz singers in history, died today. You may know her, but she was mainly in jazz clubs, cabarets, etc. I heard her in Aug., 2001, exactly 9 years ago almost to the day, at Columbia Quadrangle in a Verizon outdoor concert. I can hardly stand to see her go, even though she was 80. Nobody ever sounded like her.

    • I hadn’t heard. That’s too bad–it’s quite a loss. Very unique voice. Thanks for posting. I read in some obit just now that she was a “diva”–I fucking hate that.

      By the way, I feel like I was at that performance at Columbia in 2001. I think I saw Wayne Shorter up there that particular summer as well. I frequented a number of those outdoor performances, determined to see as much music before moving out of the city (a move I thought was temporary, but seems less and less to be so).

  2. Shahar, Arpege posted this today, it’s a much younger Lincoln voice. Somehow I only became familiar with her in the 80s and 90s as a jazz singer, she wasn’t a well-known name as a big pop singer. So I didn’t know her early work. Later, some people described the older voice as ‘ugly’, although I thought it was beautiful too, but here you hear that she had had this amazing huge youthful voice too.

    Yes, that Columbia concert was 6 yours, a little sprinkle of rain and some wet grass, but very joyous. I think ended with a Tito Puente Band w/his son of something like that, and everybody dancing on the stairways, etc., was a wondrous concert and never rained too hard. Her ‘Nature Boy’ is also stupendous. I posted that at Dominic if you want to hear it.

  3. Decided to put it up here. It’s just so beautiful. I think the shock of her death was partially because she really sang into old age and even in the last months.

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