Awesome Parallels

While reading about Emilio de Cavalieri’s claim to be the first composer to have come up with the idea for what will later be called the opera (in his case, he is thought of as the first author of oratorio, which is, I suppose, just like the opera but for the church folk), I realized that if it is indeed the case, then the premiere of Cavalieri’s “opera” Rappresentatione di Anima, et di Corpo in first weeks of February of 1600 at Oratorio de Filippini (adjacent to Santa Maria in Vallicella) in front of 35 cardinals would eerily coincide with the execution of Giordano Bruno on February 17, 1600 only 600 meter away on Campo de’ Fiori: birth of opera and death of Bruno.

I’m sure if I had a brain like Graham Harman’s, I would immediately find all sorts of awesome connections, provocative observations and projections of the future development of human race, but all I can come up with is: this is weird, innit?

1 thought on “Awesome Parallels

  1. I wonder if that is what prompted the weird opera called (if memory serves) something like The Immolation of Jordano Bruno in Jehovah Resigns. Very strange novel. You might like it, Mikhail–might. You can hear the Russoisms in it. (Not that I can read Russian).

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