1 thought on “Philosalad

  1. Never saw one before this either (sounds excellent too), but there is a store on Hudson Street here in the West Village called The End of History, which sells large ornamental glass–orchid vases, pitchers, designer coffee accessories, etc. I don’t see the tie-in, so owners are probably just smart-asses. Never occurred to me to ask them, as that stretch of blocks is almost always rude, even if you’re a potential customer–and that’s pretty silly, because some of it is fairly upscale, but it’s not that exclusive. I guess they got a boost from that overrated Magnolia Cafe around the corner, on Bleecker I think, that all the twinks have been going to for 15 years, has dry mediocre cupcakes, and they used it in ‘Sex and the City’. And THEY’RE rude as hell there, too! Probably in a bad mood because those stores have been regularly going out of business well before the recession because of sky-high rents. Makes me wonder if the 57th Street area still has music names on menus, like Rubinstein, Heifetz, etc., like they used to.

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