Karate Kid As A Class Warrior

We watched Karate Kid this afternoon – the old one, on Netflix stream – I forgot this part in the middle when the old guy makes him wax cars, paints the fence and so on as a preparatory exercise for his fighting. It’s a kind of “working will prepare you for fighting the rich spoiled white kids from a nice neighborhood” sort of thing. Of course, the bad guys are all rich Californians and the protagonist is a poor Italian kid from Jersey. Where is Zizek to make insightful remarks about how this all represents this or that?

5 thoughts on “Karate Kid As A Class Warrior

  1. The real question, Mikhail, is whether the fence feels any pain when the Karate Kid breaks it, not petty old-fashioned eighties shit like the Kid’s goddamn SOCIAL STATUS.

    Speaking of all that, I read on the Egyptian Temptress’s blawg that it’s melon season in Egypt, and the melons are pretty oppressed by the Egyptians, who can’t afford to sell them in EU packaging.

  2. Of course the Temptress can afford EU-packaged melons, but out of solidarity with the Egyptian melons, she does her purchases locally;more importantly, though, the Temptress’s genteel philanthropy is obvious in the way she only BLOGS about her purchasing power instead of bragging at the local grocer’s – a spinster of such grand proportions could easily cause all sorts of RUMORS.

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