When It Is All Over

Reading around about quantum mechanics this morning (sounds so important and smart, but really it was a kind of amateurish voyage inspired by another BBC documentary, my ultimate source of information about science and world in general), I came across this exchange:

Amusing SR style puzzle: when the universe dies in heat death in about 10^100 years where the last black-holes are decayed according to Hawking and classical matter has disintegrated to nothing, what will there be?

I might as well log this one into my “Levi Bryant Disappearing Acts” book with an asterisk (disappearing from a discussion on his own blog) – things got interesting, but neither of the two great objectologists could answer any of the pertinent questions: one (the big guy) just dropped a few lines about how his theory of withdrawing objects fits perfectly with quantum mechanics (it does, because I said so, we can’t have scientists have all the fun, we can propose things too), the other tried to argues with a scientifically informed Kay and produces some awesome doozies before translating himself into nothingness.

But Kay’s original puzzle remained – I wonder what to make of it?

My answer to Kay’s puzzle (or “Kay’s Puzzle” as it will be know from now on) is: What is sleeping objects?

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