New Open Access Kant Journal

A new open-access, peer reviewed Kant journal, Kant Studies Online.  Details:

Kant Studies Online publishes articles written in English on all aspects of Kant’s works including historically informed studies, applications of Kantian thought to contemporary problems, the relationship between Kantian and Neo-Kantian thinking, and detailed scholarly works on interpretation of Kant’s works. It will also include review articles of secondary works on Kant. An issue of the journal will be deemed to exist whenever an accepted article is published. The journal is edited by Gary Banham in association with an editorial board and is published in the spirit of the open access movement. Whilst its target audience is academic philosophers and students it aims to attract non-academic readers by making all its material freely available without restriction.

(h/t Self and World)

3 thoughts on “New Open Access Kant Journal

  1. I saw that yesterday – looks promising, but there are no articles yet. As much as I’m in support of open-access and all, looking over the table of content of, say, Speculations, I wonder if having a “journal” is really that much different from having a blog? All those Speculations authors could have had an “event” and put those papers up on a blog – why the fetish of an actual “printed version” (which this new Kant journal won’t have, as I understand)?

  2. The print copy of Speculations will be print on demand. So you can make your own printed copy if your wish, but you don’t have to of course! A nice option for those who like to print out their articles etc. Otherwise it is open access online (I will print a few ‘proper’ copes for ISSN reasons. I don’t want to but in Ireland you need a few physical copies to get an internet ISSN number).

    • Thanks, Paul. Still I wonder why you need this sort of official recognition as a print journal? I mean peer-review is nice and all, but, for example, I printed out Pete’s paper he posted on his blog, read it just like I would read any other essay and found it to be great – why even bother publishing it if the goal is to reach the audience? On the other hand, I’ve read plenty of crap from officially reviewed and published essays, so there’s no real guarantee of quality here. Why not just go past the “open-access” stage and go for “open-access” period?

      Just musing aloud. Glad the journal thing worked out – looking forward to sampling the essays once it comes out.

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