Review of Braver’s A Thing of this World (NDPR)

This impressive book is characterized by three special virtues: first, it presents difficult philosophical ideas and developments clearly; second, it manifests an unusual and admirable facility with both analytic and continental positions and methodologies; and third, it boasts an extraordinary level of scholarship. My strongest endorsement of Braver’s book is that I dearly wish I’d had it two decades ago.

A Thing of This World is carefully structured, both in terms of Braver’sdiscussion of developments and in his handling of operant ideas and positions. While the substantial structure is clear enough from the Contents page and the Introduction, the basics of the working structure need to be appreciated to insure productive reading. Braver provides a section he labels “Guide to Matrices” at the beginning of the book, in which he articulates twelve fundamental realist and anti-realist theses as well as five other propositions basic to discussion of the philosophers he considers. For example, “R1” is Putnam’s thesis that “the world consists of some fixed totality of mind-independent objects,” and “A1” is Hegel’s thesis that “consciousness will arrive at a point at which it gets rid of its semblance of being burdened with something alien” (xix-xx). Again, a basic proposition is the “Heideggerianparadigm” or “Historical Phenomenological Ontology,” namely, the view that “There is Being only in this or that historical character” (xx). Braver then proceeds in a manner reminiscent of Spinoza, referring back to individual matrix theses and propositions almost entirely as “R3” or “A5” and with initials like “HPO.”

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4 thoughts on “Review of Braver’s A Thing of this World (NDPR)

  1. It was a great review–well-informed, written by one of the most prominent voices on analytic-continental dialogue, and very objective–especially where it praised me!

    To tell the truth, I’d welcome even bad reviews just to get people to notice it, the whole “no bad publicity” thing.

    I do have to warn you–I already signed away the rights to A1-6 plush toys & animations to the copy-editor, so if this thing goes Star Wars I’ll be pissed.

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