Living Ontologists

While reading about Nicolai Hartmann this morning I came across this resource – Theory and History of Ontology – that lists “living ontologists” here. Needless to say, none of the characters we know as the most important ontologists of all times are on the list – what gives? Are they not “authors with an interest in ontology”? Or are not sufficiently living? Is it possible they might not be as well-known and significant as they themselves imagine to be? This ain’t right – someone needs to inform Raul Corazzon who runs the resource of these recent seismic shifts in contemporary philosophy.

In any case, it’s an interesting list with selected bibliographies attached.

5 thoughts on “Living Ontologists

    • Ah, Jay, but I’m afraid you’re mistaken, for onticology is not *opposed* to ontology, but rather a *branch* *within* ontology. While it at once takes up the Heideggerian *Seinsfrage* with great gusto, it rejects the vertical ontological distinction between the ontic and the ontological that has plagued much of modern continental philosophy, and in doing so thereby seeks to place both realms on equal footing and hence explicate their hitherto unexplored richness and interpenetration.

  1. But Mikhail, since this list was ostensibly created by a human, it appears to suffer from the same tired, old, Kantian correlationist circle that certain kinds of ontology seek desperately to escape from.

    Moreover, just because someone *thinks* someone else is an ontologist, doesn’t mean they *are* one, hence it commits the epistemological fallacy, in which questions of *ontology* are replaced by questions of *epistemology*.

    What I want is to see a non-human generated list of *ontological ontologists*, as well as an explication of the various networks, relata, and withdrawing substances which–without exhausting either the endo- or exo-relations of said entities–nevertheless allow us to grasp the crucial realist dimensions of both the actors and actants at play.

  2. I wll appreciate very much if you will give a list of living ontologists; please note that my site cite now almost exclusively philosophers of the analytic tradition, but I hope in future to expand the list to the continental philosophers.

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