An Advice Post

I think that it’s high time we here at Perverse Egalitarianism offer our own advice for graduate students.  To that end, I’m posting last week’s New Yorker cover as a sort of carrot on the one hand, and as a little dose of “the Real” (I capitalized it so everyone can know that I’ve opened a book by either Zizek or Lacan!) on the other.  Keep on. Keep on.  (I do fear that this image is disturbingly true, however.)

6 thoughts on “An Advice Post

  1. Man, once I figured out what was happening in that cover (old room, proud face of the recent doctor, terrified and confused faces of the parents of the recent doctor) I realized that I will never be able to put up my diploma up with a straight face.

    Otherwise, the cover is spot on!

    • Mikhail, this just makes it crystal clear to me that this kind of advice is sorely needed and probably needs to be published in a book format. Next advice post: “If you can read this, then you aren’t finishing” to be followed by “Landing a FT TT position is easy.”

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