Unplugging the Giant Bathtub of Bullshit

The end of Lost – what a bunch of idiotic sappy quasi-religious bullshit! Whoever was responsible for ruining this perfectly decent show should just come out and say so. Yes, it was a strange show from the start, but at least it was always trying to explain “strange” things in terms of even “stranger” physical reality – electromagnetic forces, time travel, or some other perfectly good material explanation. And it all ends with a big group hug in some ecumenical heaven after some dude unplugs the giant bathtub of light? – give me a break! And the most frustrating part? America loved it! What gives?

5 thoughts on “Unplugging the Giant Bathtub of Bullshit

  1. I’ve never watched Lost. But I’ve no problem assuming that the problem is not with Americans, but with yourself. 😉

  2. I never saw the show, but I am sure it’s Americans, not Mikhail (and I’m famously defensive). this is one of the best sentences I’ve ever awakened to: “And it all ends with a big group hug in some ecumenical heaven after some dude unplug the giant bathtub of light?”

  3. Despite my feeling that they had been grab-bagging increasingly preposterous plot-points and dragging out the pacing to keep the thing stumbling along for at least the last four seasons, I did watch the finale. Which just confirmed and amplified my diagnosis of the whole thing. What a crock.

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