Rosenzweig on Schelling’s Weltalter

Came across this interesting, if not somewhat cryptic comment by Rosenzweig on Schelling’s Weltalter in a letter from 1921:

It is a great book to the last.  Had it been completed, nobody except Jews would give two hoots for the Star.

Somewhere–I’m not sure, perhaps in the introduction to the Star–Rosenzweig claims that Parts 2 and 3 of the Star of Redemption complete Schelling’s Weltalter.  I just received that popular book by Gabriel and Zizek through ILL (I feel like I’ll probably skip the latter essay as Zizek just kind of bores me now) and thumbing through it a minute ago there seems to be interesting connections with some aspects of Rosenzweig’s project.  If I ever have the time perhaps I’ll post something about this.

3 thoughts on “Rosenzweig on Schelling’s Weltalter

  1. Your knowledge of Rosenzweig should really kick some philosophical ass once we get to Maimon. I realized doing some research lately that people who write on Maimon are almost all from Judaic studies or those sorts of concentrations – is this the case for Rosenzweig as well?

    • I like kicking philosophical ass because it confirms my status as a philosophical “point-scorer,” as a continentalist that’s all I have since I spend my time writing facile commentaries and whatnot. As for the latter part of your comment, yes, I think that many of those that work on Rosenzweig are very often affiliated with Judaic Studies. Certiainly (obviously?) one is more likely to hear a paper about Rosenzweig at the AJS or AAR rather than the APA, though SPEP has a Jewish Philosophy group.

  2. I have thought about this riddling remark of Rosenzweig’s for a long while. Somewhere in his correspondence with Rosenstock-Hussey is the statement to the effect that “with revelation, there is a real before and after in history,” a Kierkegaardian-sounding utterance which I feel sure is bound up with Schelling’s take on myth and revelation. Work on Schelling’s ‘positive philosophy,’ the stuff that so electrified Kierkegaard, is sorely needed in English.

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