Office Hours (Awkwardness)

I’ve been inpired by Jon Cogburn’s latest movies. So here’s mine. It’s a synthesis of many awkward conversations I’ve had with students over the past few years. The most recent one was just the other day.  I can’t get it to embed properly, here’s the link

I wish I titled the video: “For those about to take on Peirce’s Method of Tenacity and/or Authority we salute you…”


10 thoughts on “Office Hours (Awkwardness)

  1. My experience has been that you can almost always throw off the Christian “rebuttal” of Nietzsche by pointing out that Christianity actually invented “the death of god” (you know, the whole Calvary thing). So there’s nothing particularly radical in poor old Friedrich. He’s just drawing out the all the conclusions implicit in what you already believe…. That will usually fluster students enough to get them to reflect for a second — and maybe make things more awkward…. Worth a try at least, since xtian affirmation of love, and the withering of Jewish No-saying law, etc only gets off the ground once God dies. SNAP!

      • Just my idiotic attempt at humor… I was referring to the movie I made with “me” and “my articulate student” that takes place in my big, tidy office. If it was a documentary it would look much different, but alas it’s a movie (or docudrama) so it’s more like those new commercials for Windows 7. You know, idealized.

      • Sorry, my attempt at humor is even more idiotic. I was proposing reality TV as an alternative rubric, then further proposing media ontology as a field of study based on the reality in reality TV.

      • Quirky but kind of charming once you get to know us, although the interminable slide-shows of our vacations to the lesser Pacific isles and lukewarm cream cheese dips in the Fiesta Ware bowls are enough to challenge anyone’s patience.

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