More Special Effects, Please: (L’Objet Danse)

Watching this rather amusing (and spectacular) period film about Louis XIV and Lully (and other things) called Le Roi Danse. Whoever claimed that it is only in the twentieth century that we have become addicted to special effects (and 3D glasses, and the spectacle) is only correct to a certain extend – this looks pretty “in-your-face” sort of ballet de la nuit – I wish there was more spectacular stuff in philosophy (for example, objects could dance and sing, as opposed to boringly withdraw or vicariously allure) – just saying…

Summer Reading: Maimon’s Essay on Transcendental Philosophy

Since Maimon’s Essay on Transcendental Philosophy finally came out in English (in April), I’m wondering if there’s an interest in doing the same thing we did last summer – a group read! Jon Cogburn’s rereading Kant (as I mentioned before) and he’s on board for this one. I wonder if there’s anyone else willing to dedicate some time to this. Folks over at An und für sich will be doing a book event on Mythology, Madness and Laughter: Subjectivity in German Idealism (essays by Markus Gabriel and Slavoj Žižek) starting May 10th – so this could be a German Idealism Summer (how exciting is that?)

If you don’t know what I mean by “last summer” – click on Lee Braver’s book on the right…

4/26 post – excitment, anticipation, awesomeness.

Maimon Reading Group.

This post will collect everything related to our reading of Salomon Maimon‘s Essay on Transcendental Philosophy (available in English for the first time from Continuum).


4/23Original Announcement.

4/26It’s Official.

4/28Jon Cogburn’s Quick Note (of Trepidation).

4/29Jon Cogburn on Beiser on Maimon.

4/30Preliminary Schedule.

5/30Maimon Reading Schedule.