Maimon Reading (Preliminary) Schedule

UPDATE (5/3): So I revised the run-down: chapters are very uneven length-wise, so I combined them (expect for Chapter 1 to get things going and Chapter 2 since it is the largest) – see below. I think that putting “Short Overview of the Whole Work” at the end makes sense as it is a separate sort of work and deserves a bit of separate attention (I think). Last two weeks are dealing with two important supplements that, I hope, would be more accessible (and interesting) after the discussion of the argument(s) of the Essay itself.

So this way we can be done in 8-9 weeks. Some have already emailed me and identified specific chapters they are interested in, so eventually I’ll put together the final run-down (upon consultations with others).


Just a very quick run down of chapters and dates for the planned reading of Maimon’s Essay on Transcendental Essay.

I know that several people already expressed interest in participating – some in a general sort of way, some with particular sections/chapters in mind. More details later. Since there’s still plenty of time to decide and organize this, I’m posting a list of dates/chapters just to get things going a bit. Jon Cogburn requested we being on June 15th, I moved it slightly to June 14th since it’s a Monday. I’m perfectly fine with doing both 6/7 and 6/14 if no one volunteers to cover those areas. Hopefully this will be as much fun as last summer’s Lee Braver reading exercise.

I’ll post more details as things get closer (and clearer in terms of who’s doing what).

Again, anyone interested – email me at (if you haven’t done so already).

6/7 – Why Maimon? Preliminary Issues (Introduction to the Translation, Dedication, Introduction, ix-lxvi, 1-10)

6/14Chapter 1 (11-18): Matter, Form of Cognition, Form of Sensibility.

6/21Chapter 2 (19-43): Sensibility, Imagination, Understanding.

6/28Chapter 3 & 4 (44-55): Ideas of Understanding / Subject and Predicate – The Determinable and the Determination.

7/5Chapter 5 & 6 (56-67): Thing, Possible, Necessary, Ground, Consequence / Identity, Difference, Opposition, Reality, Logical and Transcendental Negation.

7/12Chapter 7 & 8 (68-79): Magnitude / Alteration, Change.

7/19Chapter 9 & 10 (80-89): Truth / Materialism, Idealism.

7/26Supplements I (90-125): Short Overview of the Whole Work.

8/2Supplements II (126-172): “My Ontology” and “On Symbolic Cognition and Philosophical Language”

4 thoughts on “Maimon Reading (Preliminary) Schedule

  1. So, maybe a silly question, but how much background knowledge would be necessary to read Maimon’s book? I speak as an undergrad whose read some Kant (but not the critiques) some Hegel, and is somewhat well versed in the history of philosophy. I really like the idea of the reading group and since I’m always looking for a project to work on over the summer to keep me thinking, I was thinking of picking this up. But maybe I’ll be getting in over my head.
    What do you think?

    • My attitude is always to “jump right in,” figure out what holes need to filled in as you go, but I don’t really know if that’s good advice or not, honestly.

  2. Hello! I wrote an entry about Maimon in Russian Wikipedia:

    Not being a professional philosopher, would meekly seek one of experts knowing also Russian to look through the section “Идеи и философия”
    Great thanks, Levi

  3. Maimon’s essay is absolutely brilliant. Kant and Fichte alike counted his reading of the transcendental philosophy as among the best.

    In terms of background reading, obviously Kant is important. I’d also acquaint myself with Spinoza’s and Leibniz’s metaphysics and Hume’s epistemology.

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