Ah, Well Now It Makes Sense.

Despite the argument that Arizona’s new law was supposed to deal with illegal immigrants only, it’s stories such as this that show the obvious fact that it’s nothing but good old xenophobia and racism.

In the 1990s, Arizona hired hundreds of teachers whose first language was Spanish as part of a broad bilingual-education program. Many were recruited from Latin America.

Then in 2000, voters passed a ballot measure stipulating that instruction be offered only in English. Bilingual teachers who had been instructing in Spanish switched to English.

Ms. Dugan said some schools hadn’t been complying with the state law that made English the only language in the classroom. “Our job is to make sure the teachers are highly qualified in fluency of the English language. We know districts that have a fluency problem,” she said.

So you hired teachers with Spanish language and then you told them to switch to English (because that’s more important then, I don’t know, education), and now you’re complaining that their English is accented and ungrammatical. I wonder if this regulation will apply to non-hispanics? No, I don’t mean Russians, I mean those folks whose English, despite being their native tongue, is still accented and ungrammatical? Who decides what is “accented” and what sort of grammatical mistakes are “ungrammatical”? Ireckin praally not

Idiocy everywhere – run!

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