Summer Reading: Maimon’s Essay on Transcendental Philosophy

Since Maimon’s Essay on Transcendental Philosophy finally came out in English (in April), I’m wondering if there’s an interest in doing the same thing we did last summer – a group read! Jon Cogburn’s rereading Kant (as I mentioned before) and he’s on board for this one. I wonder if there’s anyone else willing to dedicate some time to this. Folks over at An und für sich will be doing a book event on Mythology, Madness and Laughter: Subjectivity in German Idealism (essays by Markus Gabriel and Slavoj Žižek) starting May 10th – so this could be a German Idealism Summer (how exciting is that?)

If you don’t know what I mean by “last summer” – click on Lee Braver’s book on the right…

4/26 post – excitment, anticipation, awesomeness.

18 thoughts on “Summer Reading: Maimon’s Essay on Transcendental Philosophy

  1. I’d be up for it too. Maybe focussing on one of the later chapters, like 6 or 10. I’ll leave the first few chapters to Kant experts like yourselves!

  2. Excellent! My schedule is the following: Spring semester ends in 2 weeks, then I’m off on a short trip for a couple of weeks and my one summer class start the first week of June or something. In other words, June 1st could be a good (even if arbitrary) date to kick things off. And since I find it easier to do things slowly, maybe we take take 10 weeks or so. How does that sound?

    Also, Utisz (and anyone else) if you want to take charge of chapter 6-10, it would be great – send me an email [mikh.emelianovATgamilDOTcom] and we can talk about ways to do so (Lee Braver last year posted his own stuff, we added him as a contributor for the duration, something like that could be easily arranged).

    The book is not very long and it’s around $15 – I’m sure that if you don’t want to spend money, you can probably get a library copy.

    Alright – summer headiness, here we come…

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  4. Mikhail,

    Not to be too much of a pain, but is there anyway we can get things started on the week after June 15th instead of June 1st? I’ll certainly go with June 1st if that’s important to people, but June 15th would work better for me (there’s an APA deadline for June 15th and I’m behind on other stuff and haven’t started that paper yet).

    If we started after June 15th it would give us around 7 weeks before school type stuff started intervening in August. Is that enough time?


    • That’s reasonable – let’s do it on June 15th for sure. I haven’t gotten any specific requests for time, so it’s fine with me. There’s a long biographical note in the book, I might do something on it earlier and then we can kick things off on 15th.

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