Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium: Overwhelmingly Outstanding Occasion

Despite the fact that OOO Symposium has not yet taken place, I think it’s fair to assume that it can easily be described as a historical and momentous occasion that have launched the American Wing of Object-Oriented Ontology Wing of Speculative Realism movement that forever changed the face of the so-called Continental Philosophy. Working off the incredible enthusiasm of the post-Dundee Speculative Realism, OOO Symposium has finally brought together the most exciting philosophers of the twentieth century – Levi Bryant, the author of the future (but surely groundbreaking) treatise The Democracy of Objects, and Graham Harman, “one of the the most exciting philosophers writing today“. Joining the two giants of philosophical thought with a variety of lesser known local characters, including a group of dedicated graduate students who, having denied themselves food and books for many months now, spent whatever money they had on an airplane ticket and a cheap motel to witness this historical occurrence.

Here are leftover adjectives and phrases to use, I don’t have time at the moment: symposium was, of course, well-attended, discussions were polite and thought-provoking, the lack of provocateurs and trolls was both surprising and delightful, the atmosphere was manly and nerdy but not too lonely, the after-party was cool and rowdy…

[For the undedicated few: yes, it is Rex et Regina]

14 thoughts on “Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium: Overwhelmingly Outstanding Occasion

  1. For shame. Your choice of illustration, not to mention your use of Latin, ironically suggests that lead cannot be turned into gold, when the path of human history – neigh, the history of the world itself – has show us otherwise. Dead matter has been turned into Spirit, regularly.

      • The question isn’t whether you have made the likening, but rather you have in doing so not fallen upon what is interesting or powerful in the said movement. Investment is at least half of what is necessary for creation.

  2. Alas, my paralexia haunts me…not “you have…not.”, but “have you…not fallen upon…?”

    The thing is, it is odd to have left the Western world for two months and to have so much be unchanged upon my return. I would have thought that by now OOP and OOO would have been disproven by a definitive argument or two.

      • Well, that is a HUGE reservoir of potential expression, and as such perhaps we should consider the movement an extremely positive thing. Now, perhaps the CONTENT is flimsy, but its investment is not. I mean, when you have people maxing out their bank accounts and asking others for donations to sojourn to a gathering, this matters for SOMETHING. Graduate students are not feeling connected to their advisers might very well be the engine that drove many of the “breaks” in philosophy and social science. What is really cool about it all is that we are talking about a handful of people in the world – never mind that we know the history of conversations, others do not -creating the front of a philosophical movement.

      • It occurs to me as well that the sarcasm in my thought that a OOO/P movement would be defeated by a definitive argument or two while I was traveling did not come through the stained glass of digtal type. Just a bunch of silliness.

        I think as soon as I got to the very bottom of the kettle of fish (in terms of persons and arguments), it all just became a kettle of fish.

  3. Is this going to be streamed live? Satellite feed? Live blogged? It’s like Napoleon riding by on his horse, we can’t let this moment go unmemorialized.

  4. Very cool, I noticed from both your post and kvond’s remark that what really ring$ the bell is the dollar$ of starving students–and they REALLY do want it to be like in the early 20th century starving to go to concerts of Schoenberg and Stravinsky. PLUS, I would like a name of those who put online beggary into action. I have seen this placed by only one theologian, but he argues with one of the great philosophers, so that means that there is more than one online philosopher be-beggaring going on.

    • Honestly on-line solicitation of support I consider one of the most democratic (although ironically Capitalististic) means of organizing and expressing commitment. I am fully in support of it.

      • I have to agree, but as we all know, it’s according to WHO’S doing it whether we like it all that much…until you wrote this, I didn’t realize I had done a great deal of hit back in 2003, when I first started becoming a ‘user’.

      • I have nothing against any sort of solicitation (online or otherwise) – I’m just surprised that someone with money and without a family to support wouldn’t just go ahead and skip that vacation and establish some sort of conference travel fund. That would be as easy as setting up one of those “click here and give me money” buttons. That would be putting your money where your object is!

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