3 thoughts on “John Cage and Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Sound?? (1966)

  1. Thus far, watched about 8 minutes of this, main thing I notice is what a relief when the voluptuous jazz comes in and shuts John Cage’s hot air up. I’ve always found him irritating. Boulez and he were good friends when young, but broke off. Boulez said ‘he was refreshing, but not very bright’. Cage sais ‘when I see Pierre, I see the bad animal’. Oh well, that explains a lot, he kept talking about ‘why don’t they keep their mouths shut and their ears open’. Applies to him, don’t you think? I never met him, but saw him on the street occasionally when he was very old. Just had the thought that he has that persona-type mystique that Andy Warhol had, which makes their own works inaccessible for awhile. It is like when I read the Bob Colacello finally saw Warhol get out paint and actually do it: There was so much ‘aura’ around Warhol that it was hard to get to the painting. Oh well, but then I finally liked some of what Warhol was getting at with those pictures. Maybe Cage opened up a lot, too, I suppose so, but I don’t know any Cage pieces that in themselves have ever attracted me, certainly not any of the prepared-piano things I’ve heard.

    Kirk sounds fabulous though.

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