Rage and Time.

Sloterdjik’s Zorn und Zeit coming out in English in May. I thought that originally it was going to be rendered Anger and Time, but I think Rage and Time is so much better, so much ragier…


4 thoughts on “Rage and Time.

  1. ‘Ragier’–hey, that is excellent. I also think ‘Rage and Time’ is better than ‘Being and Time’ and I realize just now that I am enraged at having subconsciously lamented that Heidegger never did the ‘Time’ part, as though it had been my problem, not his. He was always trying to lay blame on other people, including posthumously…’Ragier and Racier’ have possibilities too, always constituting a nice melange if kept entire tight police surveillance.

    • There’s something more dignified about “rage” isn’t there? I mean if someone is “angry” we imagine a state of being pissed off, but when someone is “raging” than they get respected. Unless you are a “raging alcoholic” – I never really got that expression – does it mean you are an angry drunk?

  2. I’d say ‘dignified’ was good too, and ‘angry’ is often used very patronizingly. ‘Rage’ sometimes wins, even, which makes it funny. ‘Raging alcoholic’ probably is the same as an ‘angry’ one, but I guess I’ve often liked better ‘now SHE’s an obnoxious drunk’, or just a ‘nasty drunk’. INteresting, because AA notwithstanding, even a ‘drunk’ is not always an alcoholic, it’s more temporary, even if somebody gets killed. There are plenty of mild-mannered alcoholics, of course, a passive kind of person usually. I like the difference you make, though, because ‘rage’ seems stronger and even justified. I only wish Susan Sontag could please to come back to us for a few days and write ‘Anger as Failed Rage’.

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