5 thoughts on “John Blum

  1. Well, maybe. But also ‘beautifully unspeakable’, at least. That pianist is like Busoni to the 100th power–very spaghetti….

  2. Unspeakably beautiful…

    But not to watch. Having a carpal tunnel syndrome is not fun and the pianist is not typing the kind of soft keyboards we use right now.

    Warriors who die on the battlefield of arts, sportsmen wasting their bodies for instrumental top-performance, working class piano heroes… that’s my impression. I suppose I’m too much of a post-industrial meta level worker to appreciate this kind of acrobatics. Watching the video I feel compassion, not joy.

  3. Taylor credits Charles Ives as a major influence, for what it’s worth.

    Insteresting, I didn’t know that, and it fits perfectly. They both do have a real affinitely for fat mudlike chords and obviously ugly sounds. I have occasionally admired both greatly, but to me the problem is TOO MANY of those sounds–much like this, which I’d never listen to again. That’s a realm of near-opaque sound.

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