I think that I really like the notion that in an infinite universe it follows that right now at this moment there are an infinite number of copies of you, along with your sense of humor, memories etc., out there reading this very post. Watch this interesting clip from the BBC:

You can watch the program in its entirety here

2 thoughts on “Infinity…

  1. No time to watch the video now but I’m gonna – meanwhile, why must it follow that an infinite universe has anything in particular in it like more mes? That seems rather unimaginative. There could be just one me but an infinity of everything else.

    • Well, I think that some people that work on this stuff would say there is a finite number of possible states that a Hubble volume can have, according to quantum theory. There are only a finite number of perceptibly different ways it can be. Plus, if Turok’s “cyclical model” is right then our own universe has gone through the Big Bang, heat death etc an infinite number of times. That would mean that a Carl Dyke lived your life and has died an infinite number of times, er…,an infinity ago.

      Fuck. Infinity gives me a migraine…

      But the BBC program is enjoyable if you have an hour or so…

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