Losing Faith in the Internet(s)

Maybe Harman was right all along, maybe internet does breed trollishness? Look at this “discussion” – having read all of the comments (all of them), I have to say that I’m very depressed and pessimistic about life as a whole. Maybe people should stop trying to pretend that we live by some rational creed, that we are actually guided by reasons and that we can be persuaded?

I used to be entertained by these sorts of exchanges – seeing people talk past each other made me laugh – but now I’m just sad. But at this very moment someone is surely wrong about something on the internet, so I must go and bother them immediately!


3 thoughts on “Losing Faith in the Internet(s)

  1. Cheer up, Mikhail, internet Balkanisation has a funny side. We can at least laugh at that corner of the Balkan-net which is admitting to being overgrown D&D nerds. A movement which once carried a certain mystique is now revealed in its spotty, adolescent simplicity. Everything falls into place.

  2. Wow, who ever would have guessed that philosophy professors might be “nerds?” That just blows my mind.

    Dang it! All these years I thought I was cool like Fonzi. But it is now clear that I should have known both from my lack of mystique and the non-complicated nature of my spots.

    Thank you Utisz.

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