Soothsaying: How Its Done

Finally got my hands on Rousseau’s opera – Le devin du village (The Village Soothsayer) – and I have to say that it is quite good: toe-tapping and tuneful, plus the plot is quite simple (there are only three characters). Having been distracting myself from serious work of any kind lately, I got to reading books about 18th century operatic battles (burning effigies included), especially Le Querelle des Bouffons. Three-volume collection of all related documents edited by Denise Launay will never make its way to my desk due to Interlibrary Loan fails, but one can dream, right?

In related operatic news – Meyerbeer’s Semiramide is convoluted plot-wise (not his fault, I suppose), if you thought The Magic Flute was hard to follow, try this one. But the overture is quite soothing and I was whistling it’s main tune all day in between classes.


2 thoughts on “Soothsaying: How Its Done

  1. On a tangentially related operatic note, we used to live on Rue Massenet, three blocks from Rue Meyerbeer. There was a little Middle Eastern grocery/deli on Meyerbeer, run by two brothers from Armenia, where I would buy dates and pistachios and hummus and halvah and baklava.

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