Delightful Excuses…

A student email (I left the horrific composition in tact):

Dear Prof Shahar:

I am so sorry to tell you that I am taking off today. This morning, when I was about to go to school, i got diarrhea. It took me about an hour. So I couldn’t go to school on time. I ‘ll ask my friend about homework. And if we have a test today, could you please allow me to take it another time? Therefore, can you tell me when can I see you and do it?
Thank you so much.

File under: Too much information.  Funny, yet disturbingly inappropriate, but funny…

7 thoughts on “Delightful Excuses…

  1. that’s great. once as a undergraduate i wrote a very similar e-mail to a professor (i truly did have diarrhea) and when i came into class the next time he asked me how the ‘shit-storm’ was. in front of the whole class, including a girl i was crazy about at the time. guy ended up being my favorite professor.

    • Hilarious.

      The best part about the email is its earnestness. Instead of opting for the banal “flu” or “sick” descriptors the student got specific. I guess they are listening–I always tell them to be clear and to the point…

  2. And it’s impossible to catch this sort of a student, in case he’s lying – you can’t be all like “I know you didn’t have diarrhea because…” – perfect excuse, unless you want to ask some follow-up questions…

  3. It’s “intact.” Never a good idea to rag on a student’s writing when you don’t proofread your own. Besides the fact that this whole exercise seems to demonstrate contempt for your students.

    • When one has violent diarhea it’s not fair of me to expect proofreading, you’re right. I’m a contempuous person and as such, I am leaving it as “in tact.”

      Thanks for dropping by. Really.

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