The Sex Life of Immanuel Kant

In light of the awesome BHL scandal, would anyone be interested in investigating whether an English translation of this book exists? And if it does not, is there any interest in such a translation? It’s only about 95 pages and could be a breeze if enough people are interested.

8 thoughts on “The Sex Life of Immanuel Kant

  1. A brief remark. The essay had been translated into German and printed in “Lettre International” in about 2000. As far as I remember it was relaxed in tone, accessible in style and it didn’t make exeggerated claims. It is very much unlike the pomo nonsense of the infamous Sokal hoax and more like a serious work of an author who might write under a pseudonym for whatever reason.

    • It is a “real book” – it’s under the name of fictional Botul, but it’s a book. It’s basically a book written as a kind of joke, but it’s really cool. I mean it’s only funny to people who know basic facts about Kant and Kant scholarship – like the fact that the person who invited Botul to “New Konigsberg” to read lectures on Kant is named Borowski and so forth.

  2. How many of you guys have French? You could translate it as a project. I am amazed nobody has tried to tranlslate it before. It has ‘gift for a philosopher’ written all over it. I’d probably be happy to translate whatever appeared here in German in English if I can find/order a copy but seems like a roundabout way to do it:

    • I have the French version, it’s very short (small book), I guess before BHL it was just a curiosity. If I’m bored in the next couple of weeks of so, I could do a quick translation of good sections. I can’t believe someone would think it’s a real scholarly book (it’s good, of course), since it’s tongue-in-check almost from the first page. (German-speaking inhabitants of New Konigsberg in Paraguay = ex-Nazis?)

  3. I would be interested in helping with this project. I have translated snippets of it on my blog – just search for Botul for relevant posts. My French isn’t great, but the style is very clear and simple: just what you’d expect from a French philosophe of the old school!

    I think the book is hilarious. It is ridiculous to think that anyone who has actually read it, or just looked at the cover (Kant’s shadow is sticking out his tongue) would not realize it’s a parody.

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