Shooting For Tenure

I know, I know, but bear with my horrible double-entendre. New York Times has some details about Amy Bishor’s saga. Apparently, she was denied tenure, appealed, won the appeal and then was not tenured anyway (provost’s decision). Again, nothing justified shooting your colleagues in retaliation, but hopefully this story will bring some of the tenure procedures to the public attention:

Mr. Anderson said that months ago, the university administration overruled a successful appeal of the decision to deny Dr. Bishop tenure in spring 2009.

“She won her appeal,” he said, “and the provost canned it.”

The university has declined to elaborate on the details of Dr. Bishop’s tenure application, saying only that she was denied last spring and that she could stay at the university only until the end of this academic year. Even if a faculty member successfully appeals a tenure denial, the final decision rests with the administration.

So this “final decision rests with the administration” part deserves more attention, I think.

2 thoughts on “Shooting For Tenure

    • Retrospectively, I suppose. I’d like to know more about the situation – Why was she shooting her department colleagues? Did she see some internal memos?

      I’m in no way trying to defend her or her choices – I think we can all agree that what she did was clearly mental (although “going neuroscientific” is not going to catch on as much as “going postal”) – but I think it’s fair to try to understand what pushed her to such a drastic state. I mean imagine jumping through all the hoops to get tenure, qualify for it, be denied, win the appeal and then be denied based on what? Lack of collegiality?

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