Objects That Make Music

Will someone soon extend objectology into the realm of “musical objects”? Here’s some (long but awesome) food for thought:


Bach BWV1001 on “Goldberg Baron Vitta” Guarneri Del Gesu (pictured above):

You can listen to the rest of the concert on YouTube (just need to find all the videos, they are there – go to Kitchen’s page directly) – look for these:

Bach BWV1001 on “Goldberg Baron Vitta” Guarneri Del Gesu
Bach BWV1002 on “Castelbarco” Stradivarius
Bach BWV1003 on “Betts” Stradivarius
Bach BWV1004 on “Brookings” Amati
Bach BWV1005 on “Kreisler” Guarneri Del Gesu
Bach BWV1006 on “Goldberg Baron Vitta” Guarneri Del Gesu

12 thoughts on “Objects That Make Music

  1. The picture ( or movie ) of an object is an object but another one. It is a big mistake to say though that a picture is merely a bitmap or merely consists of pixels, because this would violate the law or irreductions ( exercise to the reader: why? ). To honor it as a singularity we have to acknowledge that it is a virtuality and potentiality, it has powers and capacities, it is a set of poltergeists etc. etc. This alone grants that the picture of a violine is real and not being something that just exists for us.

      • Getting there you are, young objectologist.

        Are old objectologists a contradictio in adjecto?

        Actually objectology can be tracked back to Alan Kay who once stated “everything is an object”. It wasn’t meant so much to be the inital big bang of OOO though but rather a design principle for his programming language Smalltalk. Now almost 40 years later many people have acknowledged that “objects have failed”. The young guys today are hot about pure functions, categories, taming imperative through monads, formality, type systems and rigorous analysis. They get sick and angry when dreaded metaphors are thrown on them. So, just prepare for the next big thing in philosophy.

        Well, it’s time to leave. I have to work out my ontology.

  2. The earth-shattering significance of, say, a cloud withdrawing infinitely from my telephone (and mutatis mutandis for the phone) still has yet to dawn on me like a thunderous hammercord from the heavens, but I’m hoping for my moment of enlightenment and transcendence. (Mumbles incoherently and fades to silence…)

    • Actually, significance is not so significant and it is only the real cloud that widthdraws from your telephone much like you do from both, not your various qualities. (Mumbles incoherently and fades to silence…)

  3. Alright there, people, I feel like you are infringing on my territory here (“making fun of objectology” territory)…

    …unless you are trying to teach me a lesson and make me feel what it is like when someone takes over your “project” and runs with it in some unpredictable direction. Aha, how clever! Must go think about it for a long time.

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