The Best Way To Prove You Have A Sense of Humor

Repost stuff from a (hysterically) erased blog attacking (and “unmasking”) anonymous commenters who insisted you didn’t have a sense of humor.  Call these reposts – without any hint of irony – the “classics” of your blog (it’s funny when Conan does it, of course). Continue to insist that the original accusation of being insufferable and humorless is incorrect. Refuse to offer even an attempt to explain yourself. Wait for the waves of appreciation of your sense of humor to overcome you.  Repeat many times until the heads of “severe (insincere) critics” explode after a series of “what the fuck, man? is he fucking serious?” [BOOM]

17 thoughts on “The Best Way To Prove You Have A Sense of Humor

  1. Lol, I’m not surprised that he’s single and probably very lonesome – who’d want to hang out with this humorless douche? Except for eager grad-students (and then only online, probably). If there was ever a person who needed to “get a life” (although he probably thinks his life is sufficiently awesome), it’s this guy. Unless, of course, he is posting this shit while drinking heavily, that would explain a lot, actually. It’s still sad, but understandable. Hilarious!

    Who is “bjk”? Is it you by any chance? Why would he repost that one?

    • No, I’m not “bjk” but he posted comments here many times. I’m not sure why he’s singled out as a showcase. The Father probably just missed that one and we’ll probably erase it as soon as he sees my links, so enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. Why don’t you guys just leave Harman and others alone? Maybe his sense of humour is very peculiar and you just don’t get it? It’s difficult not to think that you are simply jealous of the fact that others have ideas and “projects” while you sit around doing nothing philosophically productive.

  3. Classic! Harman immediately hits back – you must have hit the nerve:

    What is typical of trolls, and why I see them as the degenerate ultimate product of the age of critique, is that they don’t really occupy any definite stance in the world. Instead of investing themselves in critiquing things that truly offend them, they critique whatever one could critique: “Hey, in the abstract, someone might be appalled by someone calling their own posts ‘classics,’ so now’s my chance to put on the mantle of the appalled.”

    I thought you were “offended” and “appauled” – but what do I know? I’m sure the man knows you much better.

  4. Oh boy, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make my point about the lack of humor, but apparently it’s easier than I thought it would be – everything’ taken seriously and is appropriately addressed in Harman’s “response” – I am shamefully returning back to my “lurking status” – good night, everyone!

  5. Funny. The man can’t even tell a decent lie – he claims that he just deletes all the links and never reads what you write, yet somehow he also knows that your post was about his idiotic “classic OOP” theme and “strikes back” with a couple of lame stories that somehow manage to address the point of your post, yet again, without reading the mocking post itself – how does that work?

    Plus, we’re talking about a high-level University administrator here, lurking on this blog, and responding to some jerks who are having fun at his expense – can you spell “control-freak” and “micromanager”?

    P.S. Are you a “troll” or a “grey vampire”? I’m confused.

  6. I think I am indeed.

    It’s funny to me how the positive aspects of normal people’s life – having friends and being in groups with friends and loved ones – turn into the negative aspects of life once Harman gets a hold of them – now we have “they travel in groups” and “it’s a gang” and “Mikhail and his sidekicks” – isn’t that something? Writing a semi-serious blog with your friends is now a crime (unless it’s Speculative Heresy, of course, those guys are cool), being all alone writing your very important books at night is the best way to live, because that’s how Harman lives – weird…

    • A clown with no sense of humor? Surely you jest, Bryan?

      On another note, MIkhail. I have to say, I think I don’t like the implication that I’m a cheerleader or sidekick. I mean, I feel conflicted. Whose affectations are better suited to mockery here, really? All of our affectations are open to mockery, it’s a public blog, people arrive here from all sorts of wacky searches every day, right?

      Two side notes: (1)if we are in fact a gang can we be a gang like in Warriors or West Side Story? Or better, a combination of the two? How about a combination of the two a la the ice capades (that way we can include Alexei, who I’m pretty sure is Canadian–we’ll need his skating prowess)? And (2) I’m sorry that I’m not the cheerleader I could be, Mikhail, clearly I’m a failure. Perhaps your “students” can serve such a purpose and lend you moral support or something.

      Finally, because blogs are surely best suited to providing unsolicited advice (and I do hope others benefit from this), I will offer some of my own: you might try not reading certain blogs or better, get with the fucking program and use your frequent flyer miles to go on a trip somewhere so that you may gain the critical distance you so clearly require and at long last rid yourself of this grey trollish, vampirish, ghoulish behavior. Then, you can finally start your important project instead of beating up on poor defenseless online thin skinned do gooders. I hear Alexandria is nice.

      How do you do it, I’ve exhausted myself with my sarcasm.

      • If we’re gonna be a gang my vote is the Banana Splits. Mikhail is clearly Fleegle. I call Snorky. This blog should be renamed Danger Island. On the other hand our friend is H.R. Pufnstuf, eternally plagued (but never defeated) by Witchie-Poo and in possession of a magic flute which somehow he never actually figures out how to use.

  7. Oh, and while I’m busy trolling and sniping, I can’t help but feel that Harman’s relationship to Latour is a lot like the one between Charles Kinbote and John Shade in Nabokov’s Pale Fire. I wish there was a YouTube clip to express this, but the best I can muster up is the opening monologue to Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace:

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